Broom vendor

If you want a clean room…
you must buy his high quality handmade broom !
His weary head carries dry coconut leaves …
in his hard work and simple product he believes…..
If you buy just one,
you will make him happy a ton !!!

Srivilliputhur Sambrani

Reporting from  not  the French Museum,but rural Block Museum” …
the smell of which entices him to play his oodukkai drum !
He has  a pet called karruppi …
To whom he feeds chukku Kaapi !
He bids me to buy some ,
All the time wondering  where I come from !

Goats and manners

Weather is getting better ,
Goats lined up , taking shelter.
“We’ve learned our manners ,
Though we eat wall posters.”
It’s not the rush for the theatres,
But for the VIP, top row seaters !

Vermillion and saffron

Good Morning from Chennai!!
A common sight of vermillion and saffron
Smeared on anthills not for fun!
Dry garlands, posters and deities decorate the rusted fence,
Milk is poured … for snakes in deep penance.
Unnoticed, Chennaiites whizz past this lone roadside sanctum,
But sometimes you notice offerings of flowers, beedi and TASMAC bottle of rum.?