Fascinating corridor of Vellai Vinayagar temple

The Vellai Vinayagar temple in Kumbakonam is famous for the Ganesha deity that is white in color (the local priest told that the deity was made out of the foam that came from the sea and hence the white color).

What caught my attention was the Shiva temple thats also in the same complex. The photo above is the corridor that leads to the Shiva deity. Fascinating long corridor – if you zoom in a bit, you can see the altar of the deity (almost)

Sunset at Gangai konda Cholapuram

A photo taken at the historic Gangai konda Cholapuram near Kumbakonam. This is a smaller sized replica of the Thanjavur Big temple and both the temples are shown in the picture below – striking similarity !

Colors of rain

Colors of rain

This is a picture I took in Bangalore traffic. I was on my way home, heavy rain and heavier traffic. I took this picture from my car and it gave a very colourful effect of the rain. Thanks to Bindu for a very apt title !