My Glow in the Dark Night Life

Polychromatic cosmic world in my hand ,
Wandering for a living on Chennai’s beach land .
Children go ballistic… At the bobbing balloons,
Wanting to possess this duplicate mystic moon !
Rupees 50, I make through an adamant child ,
No one can hear my “lucky day” chuckle… so mild 🙂

Health assurance

I know I’m a goat ,
But do you know,very often I have a tummy bloat
When it comes to food , I do have a mind of my own,
Entree’s vary from paper bags to plastic phones !
It’s not an easy choice to make,
Saambaar drenched polymers I decide to take .
In heaps I find them outside residential apartments,
Yet to reach the ears of the TN Health Department!

Healthy Colours !

Red, yellow , green, plantains,

Sold by  twenties and tens.

Carts sail in and out of streets, 

Tempting health freaks to buy these treats.

Pedlar’s shouts float through the Sunday calm air , 

Announcing their natural benefits for nail & hair !! 

Ready for a Road Trip !

Friends from Chennai say!

We clamber up abandoned vehicles,
Cause we’re savvy and technical,
We explore this  three wheeled locomotive,
If on Delhi freeways,it can be accommodative .
We are game for the VV84 road trip,
Bet ya….. in a car ? drag we’re bound to zip !! ??

Energy Tiffin

Vannakkam Chennai,  Vessels shaken and stirred, making a din,
When sunlight comes streaming  in.
Weathered hands peeling pungent onion,
Deft he is, a skilled kitchen minion!
Time for kal dosa to be on the leaf,
Energy Tiffin for passing labourers’  relief !

Jobless ?

Job opportunities at its lowest ebb,
Repercussion of a political web .
Cheap propaganda at its heights,
For a meal , this is my plight.
I am their mock “Pinup” boy ,
All part of a scheming  ploy.
Nevertheless,I’m the chosen patriot,
Forsaking my dignity , for the treacherous lot !

Broom vendor

If you want a clean room…
you must buy his high quality handmade broom !
His weary head carries dry coconut leaves …
in his hard work and simple product he believes…..
If you buy just one,
you will make him happy a ton !!!

Srivilliputhur Sambrani

Reporting from  not  the French Museum,but rural Block Museum” …
the smell of which entices him to play his oodukkai drum !
He has  a pet called karruppi …
To whom he feeds chukku Kaapi !
He bids me to buy some ,
All the time wondering  where I come from !