The wheel of life

The wheel of life ,
Continues to dominate the human tribe,
Sunrise to sunset,
Bet the peddling legs get no rest.
Rice cakes in circular boxes and cylindrical containers of cooking gas,
Trudges breakfast for the hungry mass .
All around Chennai he circles like a wheel,
All for the benefit of his family’s everyday meal !

Cocka doodle dooooo!!!

Cocka doodle dooooo!!!
Don’t you touch my food !
I may totter aimlessly the Chennai streets ,
But I choose to pick my battle fields.
Miss,I may the country worms and organic grains,
Yet will fight for every morsel, even if it’s from the cooum drains !
Immigrated as a naive villager,
Now I’m a seasoned pettai fighter .

My Glow in the Dark Night Life

Polychromatic cosmic world in my hand ,
Wandering for a living on Chennai’s beach land .
Children go ballistic… At the bobbing balloons,
Wanting to possess this duplicate mystic moon !
Rupees 50, I make through an adamant child ,
No one can hear my “lucky day” chuckle… so mild 🙂

Health assurance

I know I’m a goat ,
But do you know,very often I have a tummy bloat
When it comes to food , I do have a mind of my own,
Entree’s vary from paper bags to plastic phones !
It’s not an easy choice to make,
Saambaar drenched polymers I decide to take .
In heaps I find them outside residential apartments,
Yet to reach the ears of the TN Health Department!

Healthy Colours !

Red, yellow , green, plantains,

Sold by  twenties and tens.

Carts sail in and out of streets, 

Tempting health freaks to buy these treats.

Pedlar’s shouts float through the Sunday calm air , 

Announcing their natural benefits for nail & hair !! 

Ready for a Road Trip !

Friends from Chennai say!

We clamber up abandoned vehicles,
Cause we’re savvy and technical,
We explore this  three wheeled locomotive,
If on Delhi freeways,it can be accommodative .
We are game for the VV84 road trip,
Bet ya….. in a car ? drag we’re bound to zip !! ??

Energy Tiffin

Vannakkam Chennai,  Vessels shaken and stirred, making a din,
When sunlight comes streaming  in.
Weathered hands peeling pungent onion,
Deft he is, a skilled kitchen minion!
Time for kal dosa to be on the leaf,
Energy Tiffin for passing labourers’  relief !

Jobless ?

Job opportunities at its lowest ebb,
Repercussion of a political web .
Cheap propaganda at its heights,
For a meal , this is my plight.
I am their mock “Pinup” boy ,
All part of a scheming  ploy.
Nevertheless,I’m the chosen patriot,
Forsaking my dignity , for the treacherous lot !